Hole 1 - Description

From a slightly elevated tee, this challenging opening hole will reward the longer hitters. A drive near the trees on the right, however, can block your approach to a green that is guarded by bunkers on both sides.

Hole 1 - Stats

Par 4
422/407/389/334/328 yards

Men's Handicap: 5
Ladies' Handicap: 11

Hole 2 - Description

The longest par 3 on the course requires a long iron or fairway wood to reach this generous green with bunkers on the left and right. The out-of-bounds on the left and behind the green rarely come into play.

Hole 2 - Stats

Par 3
217/205/185/183/166 yards

Men's Handicap: 13
Ladies' Handicap: 15

Hole 3 - Description

A sharp dogleg left, better golfers will use a long iron or fairway wood to a position that allows a 150 yard second shot to the green. Errant shots into the mounds on the right or at the end of the dogleg can prevent reaching the green in two.

Hole 3 - Stats

Par 4
402/379/356/340/336 yards

Men's Handicap: 7
Ladies' Handicap: 5

Hole 4 - Description

This is a short par 5 with out-of-bounds on the left and a well-placed fairway bunker on the right. Your second shot needs to avoid the bunker short of the green. Play to the right side to set-up an approach to the green that avoids the bunker guarding the front left.

Hole 4 - Stats

Par 5
505/479/466/443/437 yards

Men's Handicap: 15
Ladies' Handicap: 3

Hole 5 - Description

This moderately straightforward par three requires a short iron to a large green while avoiding the surrounding bunkers.

Hole 5 - Stats

Par 3
148/137/127/125/106 yards

Men's Handicap: 17
Ladies' Handicap: 17

Hole 6 - Description

This is a straightaway, downhill, tree-lined hole requiring a good drive to a fairway that slopes from left to right. Approaching from the left side of the fairway takes the greenside bunker out of play. Over the green into the mounds or the trees behind the green make this hole difficult.

Hole 6 - Stats

Par 4
417/391/380/374/309 yards
Men's Handicap: 9
Ladies' Handicap: 13


Hole 7 - Description

The longest par four on the course requires a straight drive, over the bunker on the left and avoiding the bunker on the right, to a narrow landing area. Most players will need an excellent fairway wood or long iron to reach a green whose approach is narrow and bunkered on both the left and right.

Hole 7 - Stats

Par 4
468/458/436/380/374 yards

Men's handicap: 1
Women's handicap: 1

Hole 8 - Description

This narrow fairway rewards a straight drive. Golfers who draw the ball can find their approach to the green blocked by a tree close to the left side of the fairway. The front is wide-open, but bunkers on the left and right guard this elevated green.

Hole 8 - Stats

Par 4
417/404/380/378/350 yards

Men's Handicap: 11
Ladies' Handicap: 7

Hole 9 - Description

Expertly placed fairway bunkers come into play on both the right and left. Your drive must carry the bunker on the right to a narrow landing area avoiding the bunker on the left. A straight drive gives a mid-length iron shot to a well-bunkered green.

Hole 9 - Stats

Par 4
440/429/395/336/330 yards

Men's Handicap: 3
Ladies' Handicap: 9

Hole 10 - Description

This short hole has trees and bunkers on the left and right to a green that slopes from left to right. A well-placed shot is rewarded.

Hole 10 - Stats

Par 3
140/135/129/129/125 yards

Men's Handicap: 18
Ladies' Handicap: 16

Hole 11 - Description

Out-of-bounds on the left and a large pond on the right requires your long iron or wood to be straight. Most players will aim at the right side of the fairway bunker. The left side of the fairway opens the two-tiered green. Drives on the right require a full shot over the water and a bunker fronting the green.

Hole 11 - Stats

Par 4
348/338/322/318/294 yards
Men's Handicap: 16
Ladies' Handicap: 14

Hole 12 - Description

From the tee, this hole appears to be easy, but looks are deceptive. Left takes the water out of play, but brings the trees in play. Bunkers to the left and long, and a stone bulkhead fronting the green make this a challenging hole.

Hole 12 - Stats

Par 3
194/180/154/126/100 yards

Men's Handicap: 10
Ladies' Handicap: 18

Hole 13 - Description

A long, uphill, dogleg right, par 4 that will leave the longer hitters with a mid-length iron to an elevated green. A second shot short on the right requires a difficult pitch to the green. Short left opens up the green for a pitch and run.

Hole 13 - Stats

Par 4
475/437/403/353/349 yards

Men's Handicap: 4
Ladies' Handicap: 4

Hole 14 - Description

A long drive on this downhill dogleg left takes the pond on the left out of play. The second shot for the average golfer is a lay-up to a comfortable distance to clear the pond guarding the front of the green on their third. Left, right and long on the approach to the green bring all kinds of trouble.

Hole 14 - Stats

Par 5
561/548/524/430/426 yards

Men's Handicap: 6
Ladies' Handicap: 2

Hole 15 - Description

Trees on the left and right, and a ditch in front of the tee and on the right make a straight drive a must. You do not want to be right on the second shot to the green because of the pond that guards the green on the right. The green slopes from back to front and is bunkered on both sides.

Hole 15 - Stats

Par 4
394/383/354/300/294 yards

Men's Handicap: 12
Ladies' Handicap: 12

Hole 16 - Description

A good drive is necessary for this long uphill, slight dogleg right, par 4. The fairway bunker and trees on the left will penalize errant second shots. A right-front bunker guards a very quick green that slopes from back-left to right-front.

Hole 16 - Stats

Par 4
449/420/385/359/353 yards

Men's Handicap: 2
Ladies' Handicap: 6

Hole 17 - Description

A straight drive here to avoid the fairway bunkers on the right and left is rewarded with an downhill shot to a green with bunkers on the left and right. A bunker, trees, and out-of-bounds will penalize shots over the green.

Hole 17 - Stats

Par 4
412/398/369/350/341 yards

Men's Handicap: 14
Ladies' Handicap: 8

Hole 18 - Description

For the long hitters this dogleg left hole offers a high degree of risk-reward. The elevated, well-bunkered green is drivable, but you must be able to carry the tall trees on the left. Most players will use a fairway wood or long iron, and place their drive to a workable distance from the green. Everything drains to the left-front of this green, as do the putts.

Hole 18 - Stats

Par 4
316/308/280/276/245 yards

Men's Handicap: 8
Ladies' Handicap: 10